Monday, April 25, 2011

Good Friday Tradition

Friday the boys were suppose to have school but I think its wrong to go to school on Good Friday so they didn't! Instead we drove to my sister's house so we could dye Easter eggs together. We have done this for several years, its fun to get together and do something that we did growing up but now with our kids.

I didn't take enough pictures. There should be more but I kinda forgot I had my camera on me. I should have taken pictures of our Easter baskets we exchanged. Every year my sisters and I exchange baskets, I don't know why we do it. But its fun. Charla got me a really fun summer hat that I can wear on the beach for our vacation.

Here's Jax. He dyed one Easter egg and then just crawled around the rest of the time.

Aiden loves Easter eggs. He gets very into it. This year all his turned out green, which I assume is his favorite color. The kid doesn't talk so its a total guess.Damon working on his eggs. He took some time with his this year to make each one a masterpiece.
Xavier and his eggs.
Most of the kids at work. My sister invited one of her good friends to join us this year. This is her two kids, my niece Jordan, and Damon and Xavier.

Grayson was here too! Unfortunately, the only picture I took of him didn't turn out and he napped most of the time we were here.

Lois also came to visit for a little while and brought the kids their Easter baskets. Grayson got the cutest little lamb stuffed animal. And the big boys got bubbles that they blew the whole way home. I was hoping the people passing us on the road could see the bubbles coming out of the car. I bet it looked awesome.

***Forgot to mention how stupid I am some days...2 of the 3 dozen eggs we brought were not cooked! I grabbed the wrong eggs when I left that morning. It was fun on Saturday when I went to make eggs for breakfast and when I broke it open I found a perfectly cooked egg in the shell! Note for next year, WRITE ON THE BOX! Also funny, the 2 kids who had the uncooked eggs are not the 2 kids who should ever handle anything delicate EVER!