Saturday, June 1, 2013

Adley Lynn - 3 months

Adley is three months old.  She goes to the dr at 4 months so we will know her weight and measurements then.  But she is a tiny girl compared to her big brothers.  She is still wearing 0-3 months clothes and there is still room to grow.  I'm getting a little sick of her current wardrobe so I hope she puts on some weight soon, her 3-6 months clothes are the cutest!

She is a happy girl.  She is always smiling at her brothers.  (Aiden says it all the time, "Adley's smiling at me!)  She really only cries when she is hungry and when she is tired.  She has two different cries, the high pitch "whiney" cry is her sleepy cry.

Sometimes she sleeps through the night but usually she gets up once.  That's starting to get old now so she really needs to start sleeping through the night!

She had her first train ride with her brothers.  It was also her first time to be in the carrier.  She seemed to really like it.  If it didn't hurt my back so much I would put her in there more often. 

She has a little swollen bump on her gums so I think we will be seeing her first tooth soon.  Thankfully she hasn't drooled a lot like her brothers always did at this age.  


Malinda Jane Sieg said...

Coobie just saw these pictures and informed me that he really wants to hold her. So, if you ever need a babysitter, McCabe's new mantra is "Will work for candy".....thankfully, it is also, "Will pottytrain for candy." Sometimes having a kid with a sweet-tooth is a wonderful thing!