Monday, May 6, 2013

Color Me Rad

Saturday - Charla, Jordan and I ran the Color Me Rad race in Wichita.  We were a little nervous since I did just have a baby (and surgery) and Charla had just broken her foot, the same time I had a baby.  So needless to say, we weren't too sure we were going to make it.  But WE did it and surprisingly we actually ran most of it and finished it in about 35 minutes.  Considering the circumstances we were pretty proud of ourselves.  And we got slightly colorful in the process.  In fact everything I wore that day is now pink. 

And yes, I do have blue paint on my teeth, apparently I talk too much when I run. 

After showers and getting all dolled up again we headed to El Dorado to take Lois out for lunch for her birthday.  I should have taken pictures of that but totally spaced it off.  It might have been because I was too busy eating my weight in chips and salsa.  Then my daddy had made an awesome rhubarb pie so we headed back to the parents house for dessert.  It was fantastic! 

I took Jordan home to Topeka and then Adley and I headed home to our boys. 


Unknown said...

That's one race I wouldn't mind doing with Matt, but he won't... Ugh, men lol! And I don't blame you for not taking pictures when there is salsa around. You can NOT ever ignore the salsa!!! Haha. I'm telling you, forget sweets, breads, pastas, and any other heavy carb. But you ever make me quite my chips and salsa, well... I guess you'll just see me start drinking it!!! Just kidding, (umm actually probably not)! ;)