Friday, April 13, 2012

Baldness in Manhattan

So even though everyone already knows about Adam's race, I'm still posting on my blog about it.

Some friends of ours who once lived in Manhattan now have 4 children.  Unfortunately one was diagnosed with a brain tumor and is undergoing chemotherapy.  He is around the age of our Aiden.  Adam wanted to do something to help the Ames family, especially help Drew.

Every year he runs the Rockin' K race.  It is just over 26 miles.  Adam decided to try and raise $100 per mile, if he exceeded $2600 he would run additional miles, with the goal getting to at least $3000.  At that mark he would shave his head.

The day before the race, he had raised a little over $3000 so Friday night we shaved his head.  We thought we recorded the whole event but apparently the 10 year old didn't hit the record button on the iphone.  (Which is sad because you missed the mohawk!)  So we just got a little bit of the process.  But here it is...and I finally had a reason to play with my movie program I've never used.

Just for fun, another blogger recorded part of the race he ran and Adam happened to be in front of him the whole time.  So here is some running action. 

If you want to keep tabs on our friend Drew or would like to donate to help their family please go to their website.

The sweet couple who organizes this race every year also printed a special shirt for Drew and gave him a medal from the race as well.  They were really supportive of Adam's efforts and we really appreciated it.