Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kansas City Temple

Saturday, the 14th we went to Kansas City and met my parents and one of my sister's and her family and our friends Todd and Kari so that we could all get a tour of the new Kansas City Temple.  We first met Todd and Kari at 5 Guys for lunch, walked around Legends for about 30 minutes to get some wiggles out, and then drove to the temple.  It would have been fantastic to get a family picture in front of the temple but when I got my camera out the boys had already loaded themselves in the car...then the sprinkler system went off right where I was standing.  So basically, I was lucky to get this shot.  
But the temple is beautiful and it was fun to get together with most of my family.  After we hung out with my parents at Crown Center and drove around searching for a mexican restaurant, luckily we found one before we found a QT, or we would have been eating hot dogs instead of chips and salsa. 

Not many pictures of Aiden now days, he won't stand still for me!

The next Saturday, Adam and I drove back to the temple to help out for the tours.  Adam was "head" of security and I was an usher (aka, I stood in a room for 5 hours telling people to walk to the next room).  But it was nice to be able to help out.  Some friends of ours that live in KC also went through the temple that afternoon so we were able to visit with them briefly.   It was the BUSIEST day the temple had so far.  They expected over 7500 people to walk through that day.  The poor guys in charge seemed a little stressed out.  But it seemed to all go very smoothly. And Adam took me out to Steak and Shake for dinner, that is always a win!


Lynette said...

Cute post! Way to go with helping out. That is a cool experience. I forgot that Manhattan is now included with the KS temple, right? Instead of Omaha?