Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Baseball - Damon

Baseball season has finally come to an end so its time for a little end of season wrap up. Damon was on the Dodgers and had a pretty good year. I'll admit, it wasn't his best but we have been spoiled. Up until this year, Damon had the same coach who was a super nice guy. Although this year, the coaches were nice, they just weren't the most organized. But he still had a good time and enjoyed baseball.

We did hit a snag in the middle of the season where he started to be scared of the ball (He got hit with the ball 4 times, 3 - 4 times more then all the other kids on his team). Knowing Damon well, we were able to bribe him to keep trying. So the last couple of games he earned money for doing different things. He would get a $1 if he never ducked from the ball, $3 if he hit the ball and $5 if he got hit by the ball. However, if he ducked from the ball, he had to pay me $1 every time he did it. I don't normally bribe my children, but it worked. His second to the last game he hit both times he was at bat and never ducked away. The last game he got hit by the ball, you could tell it really hurt him, so I started yelling at him. "You just made $5!"

His team did end the season by getting into the semi-finals. They lost by 8 but Damon was the only one who scored!