Sunday, July 24, 2011

Grayson - 11 months

This guy keeps growing and getting older and it seems so CRAZY that he is almost one year old. We are already planning his birthday party and ordering presents.

He has seven teeth and is enjoying most table foods, which makes my life so much easier. He is also very chatty, especially when we are out shopping. Every time we are in Dillions he makes his cute little sounds and makes the other shoppers swoon over his cuteness. Which he is, he is really really cute. Whenever we are out I'm always asked if he is always this good. The answer is yes, he is always happy.

He still sleeps great, taking about an hour nap in the morning and then a good 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon. And of course sleeps all night long. He seems to love sharing a room with Aiden. They always make goofy faces and smile at each other.

He crawls really fast to anything he wants and is always pulling himself up. He has even stood for several seconds by himself, never when I have a camera though. His favorite thing seems to be trying to pull things off my desk and off tables, anything that is just low enough for him to grab.

Grayson also has a little passion for technology. It doesn't matter where he is at or what he is doing, if he sees my itouch or a cell phone, he is going for it. Today while Adam had him at church Grayson tricked another baby into taking a toy car so he could crawl off with the other dad's cell phone. Oh and remotes, he loves those things too. Just the other day he had two in each hand crawling around the house with both of them.