Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Vacation - The beginning

Prepare yourself for numerous vacation posts. We did a lot and I took a lot of pictures.

Friday, July 29th we headed towards Dallas, TX. The plan was to spend the night with Ben and Kelly then head on towards Jackson, MS to spend the night in a hotel and then Sunday be at the house. That way we weren't in the car for more then 7+ hours on any day. Very important when you have impatient kids.

Friday, 7 miles from the TX border we get what feels like is a flat tire. But when Adam first looked at it the tire appeared to be fine but the front of the car was smashed in like we hit something. So he pulls up a little bit to see what happens but it was obvious that we had a flat. Looking the 2nd time, we realize that the tire still had air but the tread was off of it. The tread had somehow come off the tire and then with the force, smashed up the car. It ripped out a lot of the electrical leaving us without air conditioning, left turn signal, hazard lights, and anti-lock brake system (that we knew of).

I called 911, since we didn't have hazard lights, they sent out a sheriff officer to direct traffic for us and to give Adam more light to change the tire. Did I mention that it was midnight and our flashlight was dead, (I blame Aiden for that one, he loves playing with the flashlight).

We decided not to push our luck and go to Dallas so we stayed the night with one of Adam's other brothers who lives in Sherman. We called about 1 am to make a reservation. Marty toted Adam around town the next morning to drop our van off at the shop and get us a rental car.

The funny thing, Aiden slept through the whole thing.
Here's the damage. Because of the damage, they totaled our van. So new Sienna here we come.


Marci said...

that is crazy... i'm glad your safe and i'm excited to see the new car. can i go joy riding with you in the new car??