Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Grayson - 12 months

Grayson is now 1! He turned one on Saturday the 20th. We decided to wait another day for the official celebration. So Saturday was spent with all of us at one time or another saying things like, "I can't believe you're one." "You're not a baby in more." "This has been the fastest year ever."
He is walking now. He took his first little shuffle step when we were on our vacation but now he is really choosing to walk over crawling. He can go from sitting on the floor to a standing position without pulling himself up on anything. He is also quite the climber. He can climb up on the boys beds, the couches, the ottoman and the stairs. Oh and the piano, that has been fun! He is a good little eater and likes most things. Recently I made a rice and bean dish with garbanzo beans and he loved it. I don't know how many babies eat garbanzo beans but he could live off of the things.

He went to the Dr yesterday. He is 31.5 inches tall (80%) and weighs 22lbs 8oz (50%). He was being real shy around the nurses and doctors and carried that little shyness over to the evening when we went to meet teachers at all the boys schools.

He makes a lot of cute sounds. He likes to gabber and seems to say dada and momma (but only when he is crying over something). He also screams at the top of his lungs when he wants something. Its the best when we are eating out. And recently, he has started this cute little lip smacking when he is eating something really yummy like ice cream.