Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Day of School

Yesterday was the first day of school for Damon and Xavier. Damon was very excited to not only get the teacher he wanted but to also have his best friend and the girl he has had a crush on for the past 2 years in his class too. He was beaming!

Xavier was excited for his teacher too (the same 3rd grade teacher Damon had last year) but didn't have his close friends in his class. He did still know everyone in his class so he was happy with that. Knowing Xavier, he will have charmed all of his classmates by the end of the week.
Aiden started preschool today. He is in the same class he was last year. He was very excited. I expected him to be a little nervous but he just ran right in like it was no big deal. Big moment for me, since he has been potty trained he has preferred to go "commando" but this morning I got him to wear underwear for the first time ever! Yea Me!

The most exciting thing for Aiden is his awesome new bumblebee backpack. He loves bumblebee from Transformers. Every yellow car we see is a bumblebee car (except Grandma Little's, that's the duck car).So far the boys have had a great time back at school. And my house has been soooo quiet!