Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Week's Update: August 1 - 7

Sunday, August 1: Is it sad that I can never remember what happens on Sunday? I know it was fast/testimony meeting, Adam bore his, and my friend Marci gave me chocolate in Primary. That's all I can recall...really sad huh? I'm blaming it on pregnancy. I won't have that excuse too much longer so I'm using it while I can.
I finally remembered one thing! Ferocious X-Man Dolezal, the beloved tadpole, passed away. We woke up that morning to a dead tadpole. Xavier was sad but handled it better than I thought he would of.

Monday, August 2: Errand and grocery shopping day. The boys and I went to Smashburger for lunch. I love that place. Its some greasy hamburgers but yummy. We also went swimming that night when Adam came home from work. It's becoming our summer ritual, especially on Mondays.

Tuesday, August 3: Had my dr's appointment today. We are now on weekly visits. I couldn't see my dr since he was in a delivery so I had to see the pa instead. Dilated to 1 cm...that would be more exciting if that wasn't the case with every pregnancy I've ever had. Dilated to 1 at 36 weeks and that's as far as I get. Anywho, the boys were at friend's house while I was at my dr appointment so after I picked them up we met Adam for Old Chicago. Spoiled kids get to eat out two days in a row for lunch. In the evening we planned on going to the pool again but ended up just bumming and watching some Shark Week.

Wednesday, August 4: I took the boys to the zoo, totally forgetting that Aiden had an appointment for his speech in the morning. OOPS! But we had a good time walking around and stopped at Sonic for slushies...which actually turned into getting lunch with our slushies. Again, spoiled kids. I wonder why they ask to go out to eat all the time! That night we worked at Jim's like always. Aiden was being such a goofy kid, he kept making us laugh.

Thursday, August 5: Wednesday the new stroller came so Thursday seemed like a good day to try it out. Plus it was about 20 degrees cooler then it had been in over a week. Unfortunately, I overestimate myself and walking and always walk twice as long as I should have. Damon and Xavier were miserable, Aiden loved riding in the stroller, and we had to stop on the way back a couple of times for breaks. Damon, Xavier and I were dying by the end. It didn't help that the temperature increased while we were walking, that and the fact that I am 9 months pregnant.
Adam had to go home teaching at night so the boys and I went swimming. Damon and Xavier went off the diving boards the entire time we were there. Xavier was going off the high dive exclusively until a new "trick" went badly and he landed on his back. His entire back looked like he had the worst sunburn. He handled it pretty well, it was so bad I was expecting tears.

Friday, August 6: Favorite day in the house is cleaning day. It actually meant that the boys stayed downstairs all day watching movies while I cleaned the upstairs and shampooed the carpets. My plan is to do the stairs and the downstairs next week.
We met up with the Littles for dinner at Early Edition, took back some things at the mall and ran into the Colemans, and then home to put the boys to bed.
It was also my mom's birthday. She would have been 71 which just freaks me out that she would be that offense!

Saturday, August 7: We watched a friend's daughter while the family went to the temple and her mom was still in the midst of traveling home from a cruise she took with her sisters (I think that's right). Anyway, we picked her up at the airport and took them home then headed out for lunch. After lunch we went exploring at a local pet store in search of a perfect pet for Xavier. We are thinking Freshwater Fiddler Crabs. He's close to having enough money for them. He just needs to figure out which type he wants. They look pretty cool and the pet store guy promises they are low maintenance. Since we all know that I will be the one taking care of it, that is very important to me. I also put Adam to work finishing a lot of projects and we were able to finish Aiden's room.