Saturday, August 14, 2010

This Week's Update: August 8-14

Sunday, August 8: Adam has worked hard over the last year or so to establish a pew at church but with the pending birth of Grayson it was time to move on to a larger pew. We made the change this week. It was nice to spread out a little bit. Hopefully the fellow 2nd warders will take the hint that we are taking over the last pew.
We had dinner and FHE at the Littles. We played Crazy 8s and I beat the crap out of everyone. Out of 6 hands, I one 4. It was so funny, even though Damon cried.

Monday, August 9: Grocery shopping and errands. Damon went to the swimming pool and to his friend's Tate's house. Xavier invited a new buddy, Kendric over. After dinner that night we went to the pool. A couple families from the ward was there which was nice. Aiden's best friend, Hayden was there which made him a very happy boy. They are two peas in a pod.

Tuesday, August 10: Drs appointment for me. The boys went to play with Grandma and Grandpa. Adam came home for lunch. And we went to Jim's that night for work.

Wednesday, August 11: I was a good mother this day and let my children watch endless amounts of television. I don't even know how much time was spent in front of the television but I just could not muster up any strength to do anything else. I'm blaming pregnancy. I only have one more week for that excuse so I'm going to use it! It didn't help that it was one million degrees outside! We did go swimming that night, that's at least 2 hours they weren't in front of the tv.

Thursday, August 12: My visiting teachers came over. The boys love it when they come over and bring extra playmates. All the kids ran crazy through the house while we just sat and chatted. After they left I got a crazy idea to take the boys to Pizza Hut for lunch. I'm not a big fan of the Hut but you can't beat their breadsticks or the Pepsi. They have the best ice. I'm still sad that I forgot my to-go cup at the table. And yes, we went swimming again that night! We saw the bishop and his kids. Oh how I love seeing church people in my bathing suit!

Friday, August 13: House cleaning day! I was also able to clean the carpets downstairs. They look so much better. All that is left to be cleaned are the stairs and the couches, which will be tackled next week. Luckily I finished the carpets at 3:45 and took a super quick shower since we lost power at 4:25. Adam came home a little early since he was out of power at work too. We relaxed at home for awhile waiting for our little microburst/thunderstorm to pass. After we drove to Sonic for dinner and then played Dominos in the kitchen waiting for the power to come back on.

Saturday, August 14: Adam was my slave today as he got up with the boys, built a sandbox, made 3 trips to Home Depot, replaced some dead light bulbs, cleaned the bathrooms, moved some limbs at Jim's house, cleared out my garden, cleaned some garbage cans, redid some rock in the front yard, and did some laundry. The sandbox looks really nice, the boys are excited to play in it but didn't get to today since they were pretty busy too. They helped Jim clear limbs and went over to clean at the Littles. But it gave Xavier enough money for his new pet, so it looks like we will be getting some fiddler crabs next week.
We went swimming again, since the pool is closing tomorrow and drove through Cox Bro BBQ for dinner. Unfortunately they messed up Adam's meal so I called and the manager was really nice and is sending us a $10 gift card. I love great customer service!