Saturday, July 31, 2010

This Week's Update: July 25-31

Sunday, July 25: We had a nice relaxing Sunday, just church and FHE. Adam's parents came over for dinner and then we played a couple rounds of dominoes.

Monday, July 26: Stupid me decided to stay up until 1:30 the night before and then wonderful little Aiden woke up at 5:30. That would not be good for me anyway, you add in that I'm very very pregnant and it does not make for a happy momma. But since we all woke up early we were able to go grocery shopping BEFORE swim lessons. So we left the house at 8 went to Dillions, the bread store, unloaded the groceries, swim lessons, went to a meeting for church, went back home to feed Xavier and quick lunch then took him to a friend's house. We didn't get home until 1:30. Aiden refused to nap. Damon luckily was happy watching some cartoons since he hadn't watched any for a couple days. And I spent a long time on the phone with my sister. We were supposed to feed the missionaries that night but the thought of feeding the elders, cleaning my house, preparing a meal just stressed me out. Adam bought them pizza instead. And at 5:30 I curled up and took a little nap while Adam fed the boys leftovers. After my little nap we took the boys swimming and closed the pool down. We also ran into two families from the ward which made for good playmates for the boys and gave me someone to talk to. Aiden crashed into his bed with no fight, a first since he has been in his toddler bed, and slept until after 8 am, another first. Almost forgot...Xavier finally got the guts to go off the diving boards, including the high dive. Now if only Damon would do it.

Tuesday, July 27: Thankfully we didn't have much going on today. Swim lessons in the morning, Adam coming home for lunch, laundry, and piano lessons in the afternoon. Aiden and I picked up our farm share, which made him fall asleep in the car. The boys and I decided to have a light dinner and then head to the pool again. Adam met some friends for golf so he wasn't going to be home until late. The boys and I went to the pool for just over an hour. I love taking them to the pool. It wears them out so much that they go to bed so easily after. Its perfect.

Wednesday, July 28: Is it sad that I can't remember anything we did this day except for swim lessons and going to Jim's? Adam and I also had temple recommend interviews with President Knapp. When we got to the Institute building a little early he was still meeting with the Mission President and a couple other people. I had a nice conversation with the mission president's wife about raising boys. Oh yeah, just remembered, Damon moved up another level in swim lessons.

Thursday, July 29: While the boys were at swim lessons, Aiden and I went to the grandparents' house to take care of Pugsley while they were gone for the weekend. The boys had a good time at swim lessons but Damon was pretty sure his teacher was trying to kill him since she made them practice in the deep end.
That evening our home teacher came over for our monthly visit. We talked about swimming and going to the pool. It came out that Damon kept chickening out of going off the diving boards so we talked about that for a bit. After he left, we got ready to go to the pool. Right before the pool closed, our home teacher showed up to go off the diving boards with the boys. He bargained with Damon that if he would go off the low dive, he would do a flip. So Damon actually did it. He had the biggest grin on his face after. He also proved that his parents were right, we kept telling him if he went once he would love it and want to keep going. Of course that was true. He loves going off the diving boards now. Now we need to try the high dive...maybe before the end of summer.

Friday, July 30: The last day of swim lessons. They do a short lesson then the rest if "free" time. So the boys spent it going off the diving boards. They even did tricks like spinning 180 degrees, 360 degrees and the "Spiderman."
That evening we went to dinner at Early Edition (kids eat for 99 cents!) and an exciting trip to Wal-Mart. Xavier picked out a new pet, a freshwater crab. He hasn't bought it yet but the darn kid has money saved up so its just a matter of time. We had planned on going to a movie that was being shown outside but it started to rain so we bailed on that and went home and watched a movie instead.

Saturday, July 31: The boys woke up bright and early, Adam had already left to go running so we went outside. They played while I worked on a couple projects that needed to be painted. One was painting these boards I'm making for the kitchen. Another was repainting the rocking chair for Aiden's and Grayson's room. I originally planned on painting it white but last minute decided to paint it a light pumpkin color, the same color that is going to be the upstairs bathroom. I also put together some new shelves we got for their room as well. Once we get some missing parts for the crib I think their room will be all ready to go.
A boy from church came over to help Damon make a birdhouse for his cub scout badge stuff. Hopefully the birds or the cub scouts will be too critical. Its a little off but I'm sure some paint and hanging it high into a tree might help.
In the evening we went swimming. There was a family from Damon's baseball team there so the boys had a good time playing with him and his brother.