Saturday, July 3, 2010

This Week's Update: June 27-July 3

Trying to do a better job of what we do with our we'll see how long I do this little update every week but its worth a shot.

Sunday, June 27: I got the joy and privilege of speaking in church on a modern day application of the Good Samaritan. Damon shared the scripture and Primary and Adam had to teach Elders Quorum. Good thing the Dolezals showed for church! My uncle Rae passed away that morning. We had known since Wednesday that he would be passing away.

Monday, June 28
: Damon and Xavier start their 2nd week of swim lessons. They really like it even though they don't have a boy teacher. Damon had another baseball game, they lost.

Tuesday, June 29
: Busy day with swim lessons, a speech evaluation for Aiden, Adam's day to come home for lunch, Damon and Xavier had piano lessons, Aiden and I went to our farm share to pick up our vegetables, and then both boys had baseball practice.

Wednesday, June 30
: Happy Birthday to Papa Don! Damon moved on to station 4 in swim lessons. Adam came home a little early so we could travel down to my parents for Uncle Rae's funeral.

Thursday, July 1
: The funeral was held at 10:30. It was a very nice service. I loved the slide show and seeing old pictures of my uncles and my mom as little kids along with my grandparents as a little, young family. I also loved the cardboard testimonies that showed all the many "jobs" my uncle did in his church. The minister at times got very emotional while he was speaking. I didn't realize how much of a role my uncle had played in his life as well. We also got to see distant relatives we hadn't seen in awhile and some old friends of my mom's. And on a petty side, I totally forgot about a pair of shoes I had that would have matched my dress better then the ones I was wearing. Thought of them on the way home and I keep thinking about how much better and cuter they were!

Friday, July 2
: Last day of swim lessons for the boys, at least for 2 weeks until their next session starts. We cleaned the house. Adam surprised us by coming home early. We then met at Texas Star for dinner with Grandma & Grandpa Little and Great Grandma for Grandpa's birthday. Followed by ice cream cake for dessert!

Saturday, July 3
: Prepared for our big Independence Day cookout, ate lunch at Smashburger, and bought our first pet! Xavier got a tadpole, Ferocious X-Man Dolezal, that is currently residing in his tadpole/frog habitat in my kitchen. If he dies, its going to be total devastation around here. I also talked Adam into helping me paint our bedroom and it actually worked. It looks so nice, what a good husband!

For Uncle Rae: