Thursday, July 15, 2010

This Week's Update: July 11-17

A boring week but with some pictures!

Sunday, July 11
: So tired and sore it really was not fun to go to church. Poor Aiden was so tired that in nursery he just started to bawl. They brought him into me in Primary kinda freaked out because they had never seen him cry. I take him to Adam and he ends up falling asleep in Priesthood (like half the other guys!). That is so not Aiden, he was just completely worn out and still getting over his little cold he had. We also had a lovely time with the 10-11 year old boys in sharing time. Threats to send them to RS with their mothers' were issued.

Monday, July 12: Grocery shopping and errand day. At the Johnson's house last week, Christy had covered their dining table in a thick plastic which was the most genius idea I've ever seen! We are always having tablecloth issues but if I leave it uncovered the wood gets ruined. So I bought myself some of that stuff at Hobby Lobby and Adam and I wrapped the table that night. It looks like it has been saran-wrapped but so much easier to take care of. It was also Xavier's last baseball practice and Adam was the happiest man that night!

We also had a battle of wills with Aiden. I'm not sure if anyone won. He's a fun/stubborn kid.

Tuesday, July 13: I babysat a friend's daughters and we decided to walk to the park at the school. We had a little snack break at home and then I tried to show my skills as an animal balloon sculptor but the balloons sucked and the pump broke so it didn't quite workout. The boys were really disappointed. I need to find some better balloons. Damon had his last practice that night. We are all so excited that baseball season is finally coming to an end.

Wednesday, July 14: Visiting teaching in the morning, I had an appointment with one of my people and then my visiting teachers came over as well. They always bring me chocolate, I love those women! The boys had fun playing with their kids which is always nice too.
Xavier had his last game and we did a little presentation after. Adam gave out certificates, I had made cupcakes, and one of the parents had printed a really cool poster for all the kids. He even made a cd of pictures which was awesome. Now I have to figure out how to make Damon one, he was a little jealous of Xavier's.
Thursday, July 15: We went to a sports day with some of the kids from church. The boys had a great time running around with their friends. Plus you can't beat popsicles after a hot summer morning. We made a quick trip to Wal-Mart to check out hermit crab cages (YEA! Can't wait for that!) and then Sonic for lunch. Unfortunately the stupidest people work at the east side Sonic. I had to order 3 times and they still messed it up. Plus I get the same thing every time and every time its a different amount. Damon's last game is tonight but his after season party isn't until next week. His team ended up losing but it was to the one team that was undefeated and in my opinion little cheaters but thats besides the point.

Friday, July 16: Cleaned the house and the boys did their craft for the week...glitter sea shells for the bathroom. Never again are we doing a craft with glitter, another reason to be thankful for no little girls in the house. Adam brought home subs for dinner and then we spent some time at the swimming pool. Late night swimming always makes for good sleeping boys. We had stopped at Dairy Queen for ice cream after and the ice cream machines were BROKEN! WHAT? It was very disappointing but we did find some at Dara's but Call Hall ice cream is no Butterfinger Blizzard!

Saturday, July 17: Aiden woke up bright and early so he and I headed outside to work in the front yard. I had ordered some plants that came on Thursday so they really needed to get in the ground. We went to lunch as a fam and met up with Grandpa and Grandma Little (purely accidental but it happens practically every Saturday). The boys went to their house after to clean while Adam, Aiden and I went to run some errands. Adam had a meeting in Salina for church so the boys and I decided to eat leftovers for dinner then off to the pool and to Sonic for some hot fudge sundaes. We came home right before Adam so it worked out perfectly for bed time.