Sunday, July 25, 2010

This Week's Update: July 18-24

Sunday, July 18: I don't know why but Sunday was pure chaos before church and during. Not the relaxing Sabbath it's suppose to be for sure. Before church, Aiden got into the tadpole food and spilled it all over the floor making the upstairs smell like fish. He then got in to the garage and was playing around in Adam's car. After thathe came downstairs to play and ended up hitting Xavier, HARD, with a toy. It was not a good Aiden day. Then in Primary there seemed to be a lot of fires that needed to be put out. Plus the kids were hyped up, we had some trying to escape, it was good times.

Monday, July 19: The boys started swim lessons again. They really like it, at least Xavier does. Damon is not so sure yet. I think Xavier is more of an individual sports kinda guy so I think it is more up his alley.

Tuesday, July 20: I had my dr's appointment, everything is going well. Dr Gros thinks this baby is going to be a small one. I didn't have the heart to tell him that he said the same thing about Aiden who was almost 9 lbs. We'll be finding out soon if he's right since August 20th is quickly coming upon us.
Damon had his end of the season baseball party at Vallentino's. I don't know what the boys were more excited about the fried chicken, the ice cream, or the cotton candy.

Wednesday, July 21: Wednesday we woke up to the glorious sound of rain. The boys had to beg me to get out of bed, I could have stayed alllll day. Swim lessons were of course cancelled so we had a nice little day of movies and hanging out.

Thursday, July 22: The fair came to town which brought the rodeo. So we headed over to CICO park for that. We sat with 2 families from our ward which was a lot of fun. The boys favorite part is the bull riding. One of the rider's got a score of 91 on his ride.

Friday, July 23: Every one's favorite day...CLEANING DAY. Plus it was the day of extended cleaning which always makes for a day of fun.
That night Adam and his brother Ben went to run their first Ultra-Marathon. The distance was 50K (31.1 miles). It was also the first time they had run a night run, it started at 11 pm. Adam ended up coming in 2nd place and Ben took 3rd. Thankfully Todd drove them up to Scandia, KS and cheered them on the whole time. They both felt very fortunate to have him there. I know it must have been hard because Adam admitted to wanting to quit half way through but making himself push through to finish. Oh and another big shout out to Ben for sharing his water bottles si
nce Adam forgot his...who needs water when you are running 30+ miles in hot, humid KS!

The boys: Todd, Ben and Adam
After the race

Saturday, July 24: Our ward had a "Pioneer" Activity planned at the City park. It included a lot of different games for the kids to play. The boys had a great time playing with their friends. We went to the mall after to get new school shoes. The boys love getting new tennis shoes...and I love getting things ready for school!
That night we met up with the family for dinner at Early Edition. And then went back to the Littles to chat.


Dan said...

Wow, your week sounds a LOT like ours... except for the insane run on FRI night that Mr Gazelle underwent... and then he came to the activity looking COMPLETELY normal, and didn't say a thing to anyone about it??? Well done, Adam, very impressive. And... since when does Early Edition serve dinner?

Tricia said...

mmmm Early Edition. I miss it so. Our days of going together with Aubrie getting a huge blueberry muffin and chocolate milk. I believe that is where Aubrie came to love blueberry muffins.

The Dolezal Family said...

Dan, There is an Early Edition on the eastside now and it is open in the evenings for dinner. It might just be certain days. But the best part, kids meals are 99 cents with an adult meal on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Plus they have a dinner menu and you can still order from the regular menu as well.

Tricia, I hear ya. Sometimes I crave EE during the day and I need someone to go with!