Tuesday, May 27, 2008


The past couple of months I have planned our little trip to Memphis. As I did my research on the City of Memphis and all the many things to do, I started to get really excited for our trip. But when ever I would tell people we were going to Memphis for Memorial Weekend it was always, "Why?" And never just a why out of curiosity, it was more of a why out of curiosity and disgust. I would always answer back with all the things to do.

What has been funny, as we have gone about our trip and met many people from Memphis, they have always asked where are we we are not staying in Memphis. So here is a list of reason to go to Memphis if you have never been, because we really did have a great time.
  • VERY friendly people
  • Memphis Temple (for the mormons out there)
  • Ride down the Mississippi River on a riverboat
  • World famous bar-be-que
  • Beale Street and the Home of the Blues
  • Memphis Zoo...Panda bears
  • Graceland...of course!
  • Trolleys through downtown
  • Civil Rights Museum and the place where Martin Luther King was killed
  • Many fantastic restaurants
  • and mamy many more things


the doze said...

Would you revisit Memphis, or was one time enough?

cd said...

Good question...I think we did everything we wanted to do, so one time was probably enough. But if the opportunity came again, we would go. I think too when the boys get older, to see more of the civil war sites and civil rights museums would be good for them.