Monday, May 5, 2008

An Eventful Weekend

We had a busy weekend! We had a lot of family come into town and a lot of special events took place as well.

On Friday we went to Chilis for dinner and then back to the Little's house for the unveiling of Karen's books. Karen has always had a dream of writing a children's book and this year we all as a family helped that dream become a reality. To read more about the details of the book, check out Ben's blog.

Not only did Ben and Kelly come into town for Aiden's blessing on Sunday but so did Adam's other brother, Marty and some members of his family. Janna is showing her granddaughter, Shawnee, our little Aiden. Janna is also the first to babysit our new guy. Saturday morning the boys had a soccer game so Janna stayed with Aiden so he wouldn't be out in the cold. It was the coldest soccer game ever...there are no words for it.

Saturday night we celebrated Ben's 30th birthday. The best part was the cake...Kelly knows how to make a cake!

Aiden was ready to party!

Sunday, Adam blessed Aiden at church. In the circle was, Adam, Bishop Hancock, Grandpa Little, Uncles Matt, Ben, and Marty, and our friend Patrick Lewis. We had many friends and family there...Ben and Kelly Dolezal, Marty and Janna Little plus Hunter and Alicia, Jessica and Shawnee Shepherd, Jim and Jan Sipes, Grandpa and Grandma Prewit, Grandpa and Grandma Little, Great Grandma Keith, Ashley Warner, Charla Dawson, Matt and Carrie Craft plus Christopher and Jordan. Yeah we squeezed into 3 pews at church! After, everyone came to our house for lunch. My sister Carrie is playing momma to 4 kittens so we got to see, play, hold, love, and feed them as well.

Here is Damon bottle feeding one of the kittens...I think this one was Donald.