Thursday, October 6, 2011

Family Reunion and Birthday Weekend

I'm not sure where this week has gone but I probably should have got these pictures up earlier. But seriously, its Thursday? When did that happen.

Saturday we headed down to Jasper MO for a family reunion. I have a lot of cousins in the Jasper/Joplin area and we never get to see them except for funerals. So with the help of Facebook, we planned a little family reunion that didn't involve a casket. Many of them I haven't seen since before my mom passed away which would be around 20 years.

We took family pictures, its my blog so I'm just posting mine! I'll post the group shot everyone when we get that. There was a lot of us!Me and my sisters!The Hobsons are known to play a mean game of Spoons. So we decided to have a spoon tournament in my mom's memory (rumor is, she was the best at the game). My sister Carrie made a trophy using one of my mom's angels from her collection and a little spoon glued to her hand (hope thats not sacrilegious!).
My cousin Alan was the winner, here he is being awarded.

Aiden and Grayson running around with Jax. They seemed pretty excited to see each other.

On Sunday we threw Carrie a (not) Surprise Birthday Party. Monday was her BIG 4-0! Charla, Matt and I got together with my parents to do a little dinner party with family and some friends. My dad grilled steaks and Charla and I made side dishes.

Carrie with her cake

All those candles...

Got them in one blow!

Carrie at the cool kids table...

Unfortunately, someone ruined the surprise at the Family Reunion but we still had a good time even though it wasn't what we wanted to do.