Monday, October 24, 2011

Funny Boys

Just some funny things the boys have done this past week.

This is the train bucket that we keep all of the small magnet trains and tracks in.  The other day Grayson dumped everything out of it and crawled in.  He then couldn't get out, he could swing one leg over but not the other.  So he was screech until I came and helped him.  This was his entertainment all day. 

When Damon and Xavier come home from school they get a little TV time before homework and chores (I know thats backwards for most people but it works for us.)  Grayson can now climb up on the couch and I just think its so cute that he wants to sit with his brothers and hang out with them.  Don't ask me why his shirt is off.  

Aiden and Grayson have both been sick over the weekend.  Aiden loves to sleep on the couch when he is sick so here he is.  I just love that he has his little legs crossed.  He does some funny things in his sleep.

I posted this on Facebook but it was just too funny,  Saturday night Grayson kept throwing up so I was walking around the house with a towel and cleaner all night cleaning everything up.  With one of the last episodes Damon walked into the room and saw me cleaning it up and said, "I'm glad I'll never be a mother." and walked right back out.  It was a glamorous day.  

That night when I was trying to get Aiden and Grayson to bed and clean up a lot of vomit, Damon and Xavier sat at the dining room table and started making cards and signs to wish their baby brothers better.  It was sweet.  It would have been even more sweet if they wouldn't have kept asking me how to spell things while I was repeatedly giving a sick baby a bath (He got 3 that night back to back!) but still sweet. 

This morning Damon was taking cough medicine and going on and on of how disgusting it was.  Aiden then takes his and says to Damon, "Yum, You want mine?"

And amongst all the craziness, Grayson learned to go down the stairs.  He's been climbing up them forever but never braved going down.  (I think falling down the stairs one time can make a kid a little scared.)  Anyway, he used to sit at the top of the stairs and scream until someone took him downstairs but now he can maneuver all by himself.