Thursday, September 29, 2011

Overalls and Football

First off, Grayson wore his overalls today for the first time, he just looked too cute in them I had to take a lot of pictures.

Second, about 2-3 times a year I clean the boys room. They will usually clean it once a week but never do a full cleaning on it unless I get to it. Its also a good time for me to trash all the broken toys, ripped up books and crumbled papers that they "have" to keep. Today was that day. To my amazement (and glee) I found nothing dead or (and even more thankful) nothing living either. That in and of itself is a success!
I painted their room gray about a year ago and its just so boring I've been trying to figure out how to add more color to it. The problem, one side of the room is decorated in K-State and the other in Steelers. They don't share a color other then gray. But I think I can add purple and yellow (maybe stripes?) to it to liven it up a bit. I just can't figure out a plan yet.

Third, the boys had their third football game. They all played so much better it was really exciting. They still lost but their team actually scored which was a huge deal. Damon was so excited that he caught every pass and he got to play quarterback for a little bit too. Xavier (I think it was him) pulled the flag from another player and stopped him from scoring. So it was a good day for Dolezal football players.

Fourth, Aiden is starting to talk a lot more and has been saying the funniest things. And its not so much what he says but how he says it. For instance, if someone upsets his world he will instantly call them bad. And it could be about anything. If I make the wrong turn, "Bad Mom, You bad, you bad Mom." and he will say it over and over until he finally moves on to something else. I recently started saying back, "I'm not bad, you're bad. Bad Aiden." And he will say, "Nooo you bad. You bad Mom." Its awesome when we are in public.