Monday, September 26, 2011

Camping Adventure

For some reason we decided to take the boys camping. I think we decided to do it for cub scouts, I'm not sure. If we have met, you know I'm not a camper.

But anyway, we headed to the lake and camped with some friends of ours. It was fun to cook hot dogs, eat way too many smores and sit by the fire. I just wish my hair didn't still smell like fire. (Seriously I have showered 3 times since then, washed my hair each time and still smell!)Adam and our big ole tent.

Grayson, he actually slept really well. I was worried he would be too cold and struggle staying asleep. But he did great. He did however leak out of his diaper and his wonderful parents didn't bring him any other clothes, so we had to jet in the morning to get him in some dry, warm clothes.

Aiden and Xavier were in heaven to be in the dirt.

Damon packing up, his friend Eli in the tent. All three boys stayed in this little tent. They were probably the warmest ones.

Hovering over the food.

The best part, coming home the next morning and finding that our house wasn't burnt to a crisp. Someone (oops) left a candle burning all night!


Jen Lynn said...

Nice, that kinda would have sucked. That was a good quick camping trip.