Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Boys and the Things They Say

Yesterday I was going to Jim's with the boys like every Wednesday night. We were at a stop light and I look over to the car next to us and there was a really cute guy next to us. I, of course, commented on the good lookin boy next to us.
Damon says, "What did you say?"
"I said that guy next to us is cute."
"And what about Daddy?"
"Daddy's cute, so is that guy." At this point the light turns green and we are driving down the road towards Jim's office.
"That guy better not be following us or I'm going to be mad."
"He's not following us."
"He better not be, because if I see you kissing him I'm going to be mad!"
"I'm not kissing anyone but Daddy, don't you worry about that."
"You better not be."

It was too funny...the little guy is protective of Daddy.

Last night I had to do all the taxes for Jim's office. So it was taking forever and at 9:30 I realize I'm not going to be done anytime soon so I ask Jim to take the boys home so they can go to bed. As Jim is taking them home, Xavier begins asking him some questions about Grandpa Little, who works in Jim's office a couple hours a day.
"Jim, how is Don?"
"Don? You mean your Grandpa Don?"
"Yes Jim, How is he?"
"Why do you ask?"
"Well I haven't seen him in awhile."
"He is doing good."
"Oh, good."

He's too funny.