Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

Yes, I'm that high maintenance that I demand a weekend and not just a day!

Saturday night we went to Brookville Hotel in Abilene for dinner with Adam's parents and grandma.  If only the potatoes were real, it would be the perfect place.  

 Grayson wasn't enjoying dinner.  
He was a tad sick and tired so everything came with a whine. 

 After we sat outside to do presents and let the boys run around. 

 My awesome Marci watched the boys a month ago for about 14 hours.  (She's really really awesome.) Anywho, she had the three boys paint picture frames.  I thought they would make the perfect Mother's day gifts for the boys grandmas.  (Don't look Lois.)
Sunday morning, I was able to sleep in a bit.  But still got up to early for the boys to bring me breakfast in bed.  So I had to crawl back in and await my meal.  Xavier's teacher helped put together a bag for all the kids mom with a cute poem and an apple, muffin and granola bar for breakfast.  It was pretty cute and he was very excited to give it to me.
I also got some other sweet homemade notes, pictures and a cute magnet clip that Aiden made in school.

I always try to get a picture with my boys on Mother's day, every year it gets more challenging.  The many shots Adam took were just too awesome not to share. 

Aiden making a face, Grayson pouting.  I have no words for Damon and Xavier.

Adam was trying to get Grayson to smile, instead he had all the boys laughing, and still no smile from Grayson
Better, if you ignore Aiden.

 And let me just say, one of the best parts of working in Young Women's is getting gifts.  The presidency made these cute necklaces of the temples and I got one too!  Yea!


Carolyn Cranwill said...

Chrissy, looks like you had a great
Mothers Day. I did too. Kellie put together a book of mu Dads
slides from the 50s and 60. It was
great memories of my family.