Sunday, May 20, 2012

Measuring Up!

One of the first things I ever pinned on Pinterest was this: Turn a 1x6 into a large ruler for the wall, and record the height of your kids as they grow.

I thought it was so cute and such a good idea to keep track of the boys heights.  However, it seemed a little pricey for a piece of wood! (around $60-$120) No offense, but I would rather do something like that myself, so I did!

Here's my version and it cost me $3!

Some of the boys measurements over the years, each one has their own color.  I just need to get it hung up and add Grayson to it.
I must admit the only reason it cost me $3 was because I had everything for it but the vinyl numbers.  A friend had the extra scrap of wood and we had the stain and paint to do the lines.  I could have painted the numbers on to make it totally free but the vinyl numbers made it so fast and easy to make.  It took me an hour total, minus dry time. 


Unknown said...

Should of asked me I think I have some black vinyl laying around I could of cut out the # and sent them your way for free,(could of been my bday present to you)!! For your next project just ask.