Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Me Monday

We did not have a ton of ants crawling all over my inside plants. The plants I have had for 7+ years, plants that I’ve never had any kind of a bug in, plants that I actually enjoyed and did not kill like all other plant life that had been in or around my house.
Although, it is nice to have the plants gone, giving us a little more room in the dining room for the high chair.

Adam and I did not totally stress out Friday evening while trying to figure out where to eat. Eating out brings nothing but joy and relaxation. We never stress out about where to go.

Saturday I had plans to go spend some time with my friend Olivia. I did not feel a slight ounce of guilt when I left the boys screaming, crying, and begging not for me to leave.
I did not spend over 4 hours at Olivia’s fancy new apartment. And I definitely was not slightly jealous of how crazy nice this place is! Never jealous, just pure happiness and joy for friends!

I’m not totally dreading my dentist appointment tomorrow. I do not hate going to the dentist and I definitely do not have another cavity. The pain I’ve been feeling on the one side of my mouth when I eat sugary foods is all a part of my imagination.

And I’m not totally excited for my good ole friend Stacy that gets to go see NKOTB in Tulsa TONIGHT! Again, not jealous, pure happiness and joy!


Wayne said...

great not me monday . I don.t like the dentist either but I think you will be fine

Unknown said...

Well I'm getting ready to add to blog the pictures from the concert. To continue with your pure happiness!! LOL! ;)