Monday, March 23, 2009


We drove into Branson late on Thursday. We stayed at the "Boxcar Willie Inn". It was pretty nice for the great deal I got on the Internet. Donuts for breakfast every morning was perfect for 4 out of 5 (Xavier's not a big donut eater, he preferred the waffles). The only thing that annoyed me is I searched all over Branson for an indoor pool which ours did, but it wasn't heated. So we didn't have too much swimming.

Friday we met the family and went miniature golfing at Pirate's Cove. Grandma Little beat everyone with 5 holes in one...seriously, 5! I think everyone had at least one except for poor Jessica. Xavier and I got a hole in one on hole 14 which just happened to be the one that you get a free round of golf so we got gold coins for a free round the next time.

After our family and Dayne, Jessica, Shawnee, and Kayson along with Grandma and Grandpa Little took the kids to a little amusement park in Branson. The boys had a great time riding everything...hopefully that means they are through with their fear of rides!

Saturday rained most of the day. We used that time for did I get good deals for me!...and then we went to the Toy Museum. It was fun to find toys that we had growing up. Also slightly depressing to see toys that I played with in a MUSEUM!

Sunday we went to Sacrament meeting. There are a lot of "Mormon family" shows in Branson now and half of them were in the ward we were in. The funniest part was the announcement of the Ward Talent Show...there is no way I would be participating in a talent show with paid professionals. No thanks!

Since Aiden is still learning to walk he has bumped into a lot of things making his little face look a little abused. He had a big bruse on his face from when we were at my parents. Then in the hotel he fell and got a cut right above his eye. Then at the condo he got pushed into the chimney and got a fat lip. Poor baby, looks like he was in a bad fight. But we are sure the other baby looked worse.