Monday, February 23, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did not spend over 2 hours on the phone with my sister talking about such important things like All My Children and whatever else that was going on in our lives. Which means I did not put off the work that I needed to do that day to have such an important conversation.

I did not get a little emotional when they killed Greenlee on All My Children. First of all it is a soap opera and not reality and I never get them confused and cry during All My Children, NEVER! Second, I didn’t even like Greenlee and was glad she was leaving the show. So why would I be sad that she died? The thing is, I used to like Greenlee, a lot, and they started showing flashbacks from when I used to like her, so that made me sad that not only was she dead but that they ruined a good character.
But hey, no body has been found yet so there is still hope that in 5 years she can come back with amnesia and for whatever reason was drawn to little Pine Valley, PA.

I did not have a terrible headache that started Wednesday afternoon and still had most of the day on Thursday. It did not cause such a pain behind my left eye that I didn’t contemplate digging my eyeball out and poking my brain with a stick…you know because that would have made the pain go away.
I did not have to reschedule my dentist appointment on Thursday because Aiden was projectile vomiting. He did not throw up during my Institute class, causing milk to be shot out of him and all over him, me, the table, my scriptures, and the floor. He did not do it two more times after that causing Bro Knapp to stop class and help me along with another girl in the class to clean up his vomit. (Although I am so grateful I did not have the time to feed him breakfast, normally he eats eggs in the morning and that would have been really gross.)

Adam after looking at our phone bill asked, “Who do you call in Leavenworth?” He, not remembering that my good friend Tricia lives in Leavenworth. I did not reply back to him, in front of our boys, “My prison boyfriend.” And our little Xavier then did not ask, “Why, was he bad? Why is your boyfriend in prison?” So innocent…

I did not take 2 hour naps on Thursday, Friday and Saturday (I only got a 30 minute nap on Wednesday). I am a very busy person with a whole list of things to do this month (that is actually very true) and would not throw away all this time in which I could have been working, drawing, cooking, and what not. I do justify my 2 hour naps on the horrendous headache I had off and on all week. The only way for me to cure a headache is with a good nap and all…since I try to stay away from meds and all.


Unknown said...

You have not changed a bit since high school (ie. talking in Pizza Hut with your sisters about your soap like it was real life). Plus you crack me up with your prison boyfriend talk....