Monday, December 22, 2008

Damon's 7th Birthday - part 2

For Damon's actual birthday on Thursday, I took cupcakes to his class. They are Batman. In hindsight, I should have made cookies and cut them to the right shape. Which by the way we will probably be having for Christmas since I still have a ton of black and peach icing. I guess we could have black christmas trees with peach decorations?

After school, I took Damon to Target with his $7 from Great Grandma to buy a new toy.

For dinner we let Damon decide on what to have. He picked Biscuits and Gravy so I made that for all of us, plus milk shakes.

That evening we got to talk to Ben and Kelly through Skype. They had sent the boys presents early so I saved them so they could see them unwrap. FYI good pick on the toys, they begged to put them together that night and haven't been put down since.


Kelly D said...

Nice cupcakes! Those are super cute.

It was fun skyping with you guys. I'm glad the boys liked the toys. I hope they werent too difficult to put together.

The Dolezal Family said...

Actually they were really easy. Damon did Xavier's and then I helped Damon with his. I was impressed, very age appropriate. Much better than legos. Legos are for genius.