Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

We always spend Christmas Eve with my family. For lunch Adam, me and the boys went to my favorite Chinese place. It really is the best chinese I've ever had. So we try to go as much as we can, it is just soooo darn good. I wish they would open one in Manhattan. I know the last thing we need is another Chinese place, but we could use a good one!

That night we always go to the First Baptist Church (the church I grew up in adn the one my parents still go to) Christmas Eve Service. After my sisters and I deliver plates of goodies to my 3 uncles and to her Branch President's house. We went a tad bit overboard this year (when I say a tad, I mean we could have given the entire Army cavities with the amount of food we had). Then we had dinner with our family, yummy soups from Panera!

Next my dad reads about the birth of Christ from Luke 2, we sing some carols, and then we open presents.
Charla got Carrie and I the same hat and shoes (Charla also owns the same too) so that we can all be Zingers (I think they are the only things that come in a pack of three?).

Then Carrie got Charla and I a "Sisters" frame with a collage picture of the three of us along with a poem she wrote. And because everyone needs to know how crazy talented my sister it is...

We Are Sisters

Someone made an observation about us.
She noticed that while we sisters as so similar, we're also very different.
"That must be such a blessing." she said.

I laughed at first, "IT only works because we are sisters, it wouldn't work between simple friends."

Her statement got me thinking.
Yes, our differences are a blessing.
The very thing that usually dives us crazy, but it seems to be true. The strength of one sister seems to always meed the needs of another sister.

We understand our unique sense of humor, because we're sisters.
We balance each other's personalities, because we're sisters.
We can laugh with each otehr and cry on each other, because we're sisters.
We have ups, downs, swinging moods and still see the best in each other, because we're sisters.
We tick each other off and get on each other's nerves, because we're sisters.
We turn to each other for advice, comfort or a listening ear, because we're sisters.
We can count on each other and back each other up, because we're sisters.
20 minutes or 2000 miles away we're close in spirit and in heart, because we're sisters.
Mom always said that one day we'd be best friends. (We took that as threat.)
But, best friends wouldn't have made it because of the differences.
We're stronger than best friends.
We are sisters.
Carrie Su Prewit-Craft