Friday, June 27, 2008

Aiden: 3 months old

A couple of weeks ago, Nicole Coleman took pictures of all three boys. I love her work so I can't wait to see what she did. We should be hearing from her by next week.

However, after she took their pictures I got to thinking of Damon's and Xavier's 3 month picture. We had both of their pictures taken at JCPenney with a cute little newsboy hat I got Damon for his first Easter. So I thought, this might be a big regret I have one day if I don't get a similar picture of Aiden.

Yesterday, I ran Aiden down to Sears. (Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Little for taking the boys to Kung Fu Panda!) Now, I'm really not the biggest fan of Sears Portraits (honestly I think they suck) but his pictures turned out way cute.

But really, how can you get a bad picture of this cute baby!

Yesterday Aiden was exactly 3 months old. He has been such a good baby! I've never really had a bad baby but he is just awesome. He's a good little eater, he never has to eat for very long. He is strong and healthy. He does that cute little cooing and baby talk, soon I'll take a video of it because it is adorable. (Damon and Xavier never did this so I love it! Damon was a super quiet baby and Xavier was a screamer.) Plus, he sleeps a good 9-10 hours at night, plus take 2-3 naps during the day. Hopefully, he'll keep up the good sleep schedule while the boys are in school so I can get a lot of work done during that time...I can't wait!


Unknown said...

When you say "...get work done..." don't you mean take a nap :)

And those pictures are adorable. All of your kids have turned out that way. Glad they took after their mother in the looks department (sorry Adam).

Kelly D said...

Awww... so cute! He definitely looks like Damon and Xavier's brother. He's a mix of them both.

He looks really tall! is that just me???

cd said...

Ha ha Todd...if you didn't live in Topeka I would come over and beat you up!

Kelly...I didn't reallly think of it but he does look big in the full body picture.