Wednesday, June 25, 2008


After 6+ months of 4 loose teeth, Damon finally lost his first tooth last night at dinner. It was a very exciting moment as we ate our Quesadillas and fruit to hear, "Hey, I lost my tooth." We have been getting on him to wiggle his teeth because they were just hanging (as you can tell the other front top one is hanging pretty low). His two front bottom teeth are also loose so the toothfairy will be making a lot of stops at our house. We keep offering to hit them out for him but money alone is not a good enough incentive for physical least not for Damon.

After the tooth excitement, Damon had his second t-ball game. It should have been his 4th game but we keep getting rain on Thursday game days. Damon was excited for Aiden to wear his baseball outfit for his game...

Xavier "loves" watching Damon play. Here he is messing around with his chair, of course he did end up hitting the man sitting infront of him. It was good times trying to get him to apologize.

Earlier that day I had given Aiden his first taste of rice cereal with a spoon. He took it pretty well. He has been enjoying a rice bottle at night for the past week or two but this was the first try with a spoon.

Sunday he had mashed potatoes at Grandma Littles which he totally loved. He would cry if I tried to stop.