Sunday, June 22, 2008

Trip to Omaha

We left for Omaha on Friday for an overnight trip with Adam's parents.

We were able to attend the temple on Friday night.

We don't normally have our boys at the temple in their pjs but it was pretty late when we got out of the temple. They still look cute right?

Damon taking care of Aiden at the Hotel.

Saturday we went to the Omaha Zoo and to the IMAX theatre to see a 3-D Ocean Movies. The boys really loved it. Damon kept trying to "grab" the fish. Xavier kept saying, "This is the most awesome thing I've ever seen." Unfortuately we did not have room in the car for the stroller and dumb me forgot to pack the baby we had to rig up a little place for Aiden. We rented a wagon, bought a cute elephant umbrella to protect him from the sun, and ta-da...this is what you get!

Some other fun pictures at the zoo...

After the zoo we headed back home. We stopped at Nebraska City for dinner at Lil Dickies...seriously who names a restaurant Lil Dickies?? It was good food though...and great pie!


Anonymous said...

Hello Dolezal family,

My name is Tahrae Richardson and I am the assistant manager at Lil' Dickies in Nebraska City. I am so glad you had a wonderful time in the area and even more glad you enjoyed your dining experience here. If you are ever in the area again, keep in mind we like to sing and give a free piece of pie to individuals that come into celebrate their birthday! P.S. Another wonderful vacation spot besides the zoo is the children's museum in Omaha and Arbor Day Farms in Nebraska City! :)Thanks again for stopping and we hope to see you soon!