Monday, March 17, 2008

How we spend the Sabbath...

We ordered a dresser and crib for baby Aiden. Saturday Adam put the dresser together, leaving a HUGE box for the boys to play in. They carried it upstairs to their room and started playing in it. I can't remember what they were pretending it was but it sounded like they were having a great time crawling in and out of it.

Well they then decide to climb in it and take turns pushing it down the stairs. Damon wasn't quite brave enough to do it but Xavier did it quite a few times.

By Sunday, the box had been split in two pieces and they were "sleding" on it down the stairs. They also were putting their stuffed animals on there and taking them along for the ride. This was all prior to church. They found it hilarious.

Xavier also gave his first talk today in Primary. He was soooo cute. That kid makes me laugh so hard. Adam helped him with it, which means Adam helped him write it that morning. When we get to sacrament we realize that we left the talk on the table. It was pretty simple so Adam could wing it pretty easily. It was funny though, when the Primary President got up to conduct she announced the two speakers. She said something like, "Our first speaker is Rachel Tesene and then Xavier will be our second speaker." Xavier then interupts her to say, "Dolezal, Xavier Dolezal." I couldn't help but laugh...he cracks me up so easily.