Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Aiden Cranwill Dolezal

Our newest little boy came into the world today at 7:49 am. He must have known he has two big brothers at home ready to play because he is a big guy. He weighs 8lb 14oz and is 21 1/2 in long.

Adam did a great job capturing the boys' expressions. I think they like him...what do you think?

Damon and Aiden

Xavier and Aiden


Unknown said...

What an adorable kid. Can't wait to see him!

the doze said...

Awwwwww... I love the pictures of the boys together with Aiden. Thanks for posting those pictures so soon.

Kelly D said...

I wish we were there! These next few weeks before we can come visit are going to crawl! Thanks for the pics!

Anonymous said...

Kel-Bel sent me the link!

Happy day for the Manhattan Dolezals!
Congrats- josie in Idaho

Anonymous said...

He's a chunky monkey! I love the pictures of Damon and Xavier when they first see him - they are so excited.

Love you!!!! You did good.

Hillary said...

I'm so glad I found your blog!! Aiden is adorable...I hope we get to see him while he is still a baby!! ;) Hope all is well with yall!

Anonymous said...

HEY!! I miss you, so glad you sent the link, it has been hilarious reading all this-sounds like your hands are full!! I sure miss you on myspace! Best wishes, and keep in touch!