Monday, January 6, 2014

"Magic Word"

Grayson is quite the funny kid.  I love his little voice.  Here are some funny things he says on a regular basis.

Sometimes he can be a little demanding on asking for something, like a drink or a snack.  I will say to him, "You need to ask nicely."
He then will cuddle up next me and say, "Nicely."

The other day he asked Grandma Little if he could play on her iPad.  She said to him, "What's the magic word?" and he leans into her and said, "Magic word."

He will also do this when asked "What's the password?"  "Password"  It always makes us laugh.

Every time it is his turn to pray, we always ask who is going to help him.  He will look at the picture above the dining table of all his brothers and say, "hmmmm..."  Then he will turn to where our family pictures are and point to one and say, "Momma!"  Its always me, he very very rarely changes it up.  One time Damon was complaining about how he never picks him and right as Damon was saying that Grayson picks him and then changes his mind back to picking me.  Every time and it always makes us laugh.

Probably my favorite story about Grayson, one time he wasn't acting his best, in fact he was being a BRAT!  I said to him, "Wow, you are awesome."  He yelled back, "I not awesome, you awesome!"  Like it was insult.  So funny!