Monday, February 10, 2014

Adley Lynn - 11 months

 Little Miss Adley is 11 months old.  I can't believe she is almost 1!

She is still teasing with the idea of sleeping through the night.  Sometimes she does it, sometimes she doesn't.  Wish she would figure that out soon!  Other then that she is pretty easy going.  I will say, she is our first jealous baby.  If Grayson is sitting on my lap she will start to cry and crawl over to me to sit on my lap too.   She still isn't one for strangers and hates to be left with a babysitter.  Although she is pretty good if all of her brothers are around.

 I love this picture.

And this one too

Playing with her doll.

Aiden is still her biggest fan.  Although all the boys will fight over who gets to play with her.

She is starting to stand all on her own.  She can easily stand when holding on to something, even if its just very gently.  But sometimes she will let go and stand for a few seconds all on her own.  She cruises a lot too around furniture.  

I love her in her little jean jacket.  

She is a fast one, she like to be tossed around.  She also squirms like no other.  So she will usually break free during diaper changes and get a little naked time.   She was pretty proud of herself this day.  

And FINALLY her top two teeth broke through.  So she is now up to 4 teeth.