Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Aiden and Grayson

 Aiden and Grayson are two of the funniest kids.  So here are some funny things they are doing and saying...

Here's Aiden with Rose (a friend from church) dancing at Orange Leaf.  I think Aiden is quite the charmer.

The other day a girl had made some mean comments to Aiden on his way home from school.  She is in his class and they all walk home together.  He came home very upset, telling me all about it.  I said, "You should tell her to be nice or you won't be her friend anymore."  He said, "No I'm not going to say that.  She's too pretty.  I want to be her friend.  She is so beautiful!"  I think we are in TROUBLE!

Right when I took this picture Grayson put his arm around Aiden and said, "Best Friends!"

A friend gave us this old halloween costume, it has provided a lot of entertainment.  Aiden and Grayson both love it.

Grayson almost always gets a new car when we go grocery shopping (he's my big helper).  And he loves school buses so he was so excited to see a hot wheel school bus.

Grayson now says, "You silly" all the time.  He will say it to all of us and its adorable. "You silly mama, you silly."

He will also hold his finger up to his nose and say, "I mustache you a question."

Also if you call him something, like the other day I called him Cool Dude, he will say, "I not cool dude, I Grayson!"  "I not stinky boy, I Grayson."  "I not funny boy, I Grayson."  Whatever it is, he will always correct you with his name.


Charla said...

Jax does that too...I not sir, I Jax.

Charla said...

Jax does that too...I not sir, I Jax.