Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Adley Lynn - 8 months

 Miss Adley is sure growing up fast...a little too fast but what else can we do about it?  She is such a happy little girl.  She is crawling around all over the place.  After we put all the brothers to bed, she will happily crawl around the family room and wear herself out.

She can also sit up, she's quite the big girl.  She will crawl around, sit herself up, then go back to crawling.  She even has pulled herself up to her knees. 

Love this little sweet face. 
She is quite the chatter box.  Adam swears she says dada but I'm pretty sure she is just making little gibberish baby sounds.  

She's been holding her own bottle for quite some time now but she also loves to hold her baby food pouches and is starting to feed herself puffs.  

These pictures just make me laugh...she is such a happy girl!

This cute dress is from Target which I spied on forever waiting for it to go on sale when I was pregnant with Adley.  But when it finally did, it wasn't in the size I wanted.  Then one Sunday, I see another cute baby girl sporting the cute dress.  So I (in very tacky fashion!) ask the mom if I can have it when she's done.  It worked out well for me since she not only gave me that dress but many other adorable clothes for little miss.  (In fact half of her wardrobe comes from them!)

And this cute little sweater jacket was mine as a baby that my (2nd?) Cousin Harriet crocheted for me when I was a baby.  I love it, I need to try the sweet little bonnet on her too, but I wanted her to wear her Halloween bow before Halloween was over.