Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

Every year since the 2nd year of our marriage we have hosted a little Father's day BBQ for our dads. 

Every year we also fight about what year this is for our BBQ because I know we didn't do it the first year of our marriage but Adam thinks that we did.

I love that I get a "FINAL" say since this is my blog.

In years past we have always had hamburgers and brats but we changed it up a bit and grilled chicken instead.  My parents have driven up a lot to Manhattan this month so we felt chicken made it a little more worth it then just a hamburger.

I forgot to take pictures.

I really need to keep my camera strapped around my neck at all times.  

Or at least bring it up from upstairs.

It was a little more hectic this year then in the past since Adam had meetings all morning of and after church.  He didn't quite get the restful day that he probably wanted.  It also meant that I had to do all the grilling which is usually Adam's job.

I also forgot to get any presents for our dads like we usually do too.


But hopefully our dads' still felt loved and enjoyed their meal.

After everyone left, Damon was reading on his Kindle and it reflected on the wall.  Grayson got the biggest kick out of it and was following the little reflection all over, trying to grab it.