Friday, September 24, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Master Bedroom

This Friday it is Master Bedrooms. Ours is currently a work in process. We painted it a couple months ago and then I finally found bedding I like and I'm currently working on the curtains. We have one wall with nothing on it that I need to figure out what to do with. So close to being done, I'm hoping to have it finished by the end of the month, we'll see!

This is the room when you first walk in. I'm working on the valance. Only part of it is finished. The other half will be up tomorrow (fingers crossed!). This is Adam's nightstand along with his church binders in the basket and his church bag.
This is the bed with our new quilt on it. I love the colors. I'm planning on painting the master bath the aqua color that is in the quilt.
Our dresser, you can see some of Adam's marathon medals hanging on the mirror. I really need a jewelry box. I'm hoping to get one on Black Friday, they are usually on sale then. To the left is a baby picture of my mom that I drew in high school. And our dirty laundry on the floor. I have a plan for it, it just hasn't happened yet.
This is the wall across from our bed. The door on the left is our walk in closet and the door to the right is our bathroom. The pictures are from our wedding day and the temple that we were married in. It also has my hope chest my dad bought me, Adam's running stuff, and my awesome diaper bag that I love.
My favorite part of our room is the closet because it has a place for all my shoes!
And these are the greatest invention ever! I bought these at the Container Store, I'm so happy I did. My boots are out of the way and stay in good shape all at the same time. PERFECT!

Next week is dining room...ours is sad just like the living room. I'll work on getting something hung up in there this next week so it looks a little better!