Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bye Bye David Hayward

Yes I'm blogging about my soap opera and I know that is sad but I have to complain and there in no one else I can rant too because deep down I have to admit to myself that Adam really doesn't care about All My to the blog!

Meet David Hayward...unfortuantely he was murdered this week on All My Children.

I have watched All My Children for a very long time, like 20 years, feel free to judge. Anywho, my all time favorite character over all these years has been David Hayward. I remember when he came on originally back in 1997. He was only suppose to be on for 6 months but because he was so well loved, they had to write him back into the show.

It was the year that David Hayward was romatically involved with Erica Kane that helped (at least in my opinion) Susan Lucci to win her first Daytime Emmy, the 19th time she was nominated.

What made David such a great character was his ability to be completely evil yet lovable at the same time. Really he was just very passionate about every aspect of his life and which sometimes got the best of him. But deep down, his core was good. His intentions were good. And as we learned more about David's past, it was easy to see what lead him to do such horrible things when really all he wanted was to be loved, by a woman, by his family, by his children.

Unfortunately, over the recent years, All My Children has had the worst writers of all time. These writers killed off many beloved characters (Dixie!), did not allow for growth and depth in others (Erica and Kendall), and had caused characters to do things that where not apart of who they were (like Tad murdering Dr Madden). They have also allowed some great characters leave the show without any explanation, just all of a sudden that person has left Pine Valley like they never existed.

It was also these same writers that ruined my beloved David Hayward. They removed his passion and made him an evil, bitter man. One that did unforgivable acts. One that had no way to redeem himself. Because of this it got to the point where there was nothing else to do with his character but to kill him. I hate to lose such a great actor (thank you Vincent Irizarry) and character but because of the terrible writing it was getting very hard to watch this once great character be ruined.

I know thats a lot of words for something so stupid like a soap opera...but I feel better!


Charla said...

Noooooooo! How and who killed him? I Loved David. I knew there was a reason I stopped watching.

cd said...

I know, I've been meaning to break the bad news to you. He collasped at a party after getting into a fight with Ryan. My thoughts: He killed himself but he is framing Ryan as his ultimate payback.