Monday, July 1, 2013

Aiden sayings - June edition

Funny things Aiden said this month...

We were leaving a  baseball game at the same time Grandpa and Grandma Little were and Aiden asked why they were leaving.
I said, "I don't know, maybe they are tired."
Aiden asked, "Why are they tired?"
I said, "'Cause they are old."
Aiden said, "We're not old, we're young."
And I said, "That's right!"
Aiden said, "I wouldn't be talking momma, you're almost old."

If he asks a question and doesn't like the answer he has started to say, "You are lying to a child!"

Uncle Gordon and Aunt Martha came to visit for a weekend.  When I told Aiden they were heading home he started to pout and say, "But they are so funny.  Why do they have to leave."  He then asked where they lived and if we could visit.  I told them that they had a pool.  He was so excited and ready to go to TX for a visit.

When we got to church one Sunday, someone was parked in the first spot that we like to get.  Aiden said, "Someone's in our spot.  Now we have to mess that car up!"

He said to Adley when I was putting her down for a nap, "Have good girl dreams." Then asked her, "Are you going to dream about kissing boys?"

Adam was getting dressed and I guess Aiden didn't like his shirt.  He said to Adam, "Daddy, why are you wearing that shirt?  It makes you look creepy!"