Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Adley Lynn - 5 months

 Miss Adley is now 5 months old and it is just so hard to believe!   And this post is loaded with pictures because I think she is adorable and couldn't pick which pictures to post, so I posted all of them. 

Grandma Prewit got her the cutest skirt, she wore to church a few weeks ago.  She was mesmerized by all the ruffles.

She likes to sit in her big girl chair and help me cook, she also likes to sit there and watch me put on my makeup.   

We sent these pictures to Daddy begging for new shoes...she got the white sparkly tennis shoes.  Gold flats will have to wait for another day.

She happy most of the time.   

Flash was too bright, this just made me laugh. 

She hates tummy time...HATES IT!  I'm thinking that is why she has still not rolled over.  She will thrust her hips up and she will try to sit up but thats about it...she can also rotate in a complete circle, just not roll over.   

 Love her little swim suit.

At Jim's birthday party...she didn't enjoy her hat. 

 Her first taste of cereal, she still can't decided if she likes it or not.  But she will eat a little bit of it.

 This is one of my favorite little dresses of her's that my friend Kelly sent.  

She sits up really well when she has support.   

Grayson always wants his picture taken with her.  I hope he realizes that she will soon be his only buddy at home once the big guys go to school in a few weeks.  

And she loves her FEET!  She is always playing with her feet.

She also has her first tooth coming in.  Its on the bottom.  
She is also, FINALLY, sleeping through the night.  It was a long time coming but I'm so glad its here!