Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yes I'm that behind on my blogging that I'm just now posting Thanksgiving.  December has been a very busy month!  Hopefully I'll get all caught up this week!.

Anywho, our Thanksgiving was a little different then usual.  The day before Turkey Day Papa Don had to undergo a quadrupole bypass in Topeka.  So we spent the day in waiting rooms with all of the family.  Thanksgiving morning Adam took the boys to the annual Turkey Bowl.  They all had a great time (Damon would have had more fun if he got a touchdown).  Then we went back up to Topeka to spend the day with family at the hospital.  Our hot plans to eat Thanksgiving lunch at the hospital cafeteria ended when we missed the time by 15 minutes.  So off to Cracker Barrel we went.  It was beautiful outside so we had a nice time sitting in the rocking chairs waiting for our table.   And since its Cracker Barrel tradition, I had to get my beloved peppermint sticks.

Aiden and Grandma rocking away.

 Aiden enjoying his pumpkin pie

Xavier enjoying his pumpkin pie

Damon enjoying my pumpkin pie

 Grayson being cute outside the hospital.

There are two things I would do differently when spending a holiday in the hospital. 
  1. Bring Phase 10 and/or dominoes.  We always play games on holidays and we didn't think to bring them when we had all this time of sitting around waiting for news.  I might as well beat everyone at Phase 10 while we wait!
  2. Bring dessert.  I almost made a chocolate creme pie for dessert then decided against it.  Restaurant dessert NEVER tops homemade dessert and quite honestly, my chocolate creme pie is pretty awesome.  (Because I use my Daddy's pretty awesome recipe - I threw that in just for you Dad!)

Later that night I headed to Walgreens for some early Black Friday shopping and drove by the capital.  I thought it looked so pretty all lit up I had to take a picture.  Plus the boys really wanted to see the capital so I was able to show them the picture.  When we went back to Topeka on Saturday we drove by with the boys.  They were so excited to see it.  I remember being the same way when we drove by when I was a kid.