Wednesday, June 29, 2011


My niece Jordan came to stay with us for a week. We had a lot fun but we probably bored her with all the baseball! We had some of Adam's side of the family in town over the weekend which included some teens her age which was a lot of fun. Once they left, she was stuck with the old aunt and uncle with 4 bratty boys! But she managed to survive.

She got to drive with me to take the boys to golf, swim lessons, baseball games, baseball practices, and art class. Good times! We also made a trip to Target so she could buy a new satchel (which is teen girl speak for purse!) and a short trip to JC Penney while we were down 2 kids.

Most of our time at home was spent working on a couple art projects. We made bowls out of yarn that were awesome. Even though all the men in the house thought it wouldn't work. And we made bean art (you glue different colors and sizes of beans on canvas to make a picture). The bean art was a big FAIL but we had fun doing it. And its been a week and I'm still sweeping up lentils.

We also worked on creating some flyers and brochures for the community garden she started. Because she's awesome like that.
We had a lot of fun with her and hopefully she won't be too cool for us next year and will still want to visit.

FYI, Jordan has visited us every summer for the past 6 years. (Except for last summer when I was very pregnant, but she stayed with us during Christmas break so I think it still counts.)