Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Vacation - Day 5

Beach Day! We spent most of the day at the beach. We had breakfast on the beach then went out and played in the sand and the water. (Honestly, the water was really cold and I was too much of a wimp to get in, knees and thats it!)

The boys loved the sand.

Here's Matt with Jordan, Damon and Xavier
Sister toes

We had lunch at a BBQ place called Rudy's. After that Carrie and Matt and Dad and Lois left to go visit my Uncle Tommy and to head home.

After they left we decided to go to the Texas State Aquarium.

My husband is such a cute fish...
Weird dolphin. Anyone know why it would swim upside down?

After the aquarium we went back to the beach. Brenden and Charla took the boys boogie boarding for 5 minutes before the boys gave up. So Charla and Brenden did it instead. I didn't have my camera at that time so no pics of that event. We also walked along the beach, played in the sand some more, and swam in the pool.

After we went to a Mexican restaurant with good food, good salsa that was white with a strong cilantro taste (no idea what it was but if you know, let me know because it was awesome), and really bad service. Our food was good but Charla's and Brenden's weren't so much.

Jax and Grayson's sock that he stole.