Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Vacation - Day 2

Saturday morning, Carrie, Matt, Adam and I got up early to go to the San Antonio Temple. Its a beautiful temple (although I don't think there is an ugly one). It has lots of stain glass and fountains. I also think it must be on the highest point of San Antonio. You can see the whole city from the parking lot. Which would have made a great picture if I would of thought to take one! The other cool thing, a former bishop of the Augusta ward was in our session with his wife. so Matt and Carrie were able to catch up with them. I love when that kind of stuff happens at the temples!

It was sooo cold!
Lucky for us, I read Big Mama's blog who happens to reside in San Antonio. I had emailed her to see if she could give us some good local places to eat. She recommended Chris Madrid's and suggested the Tostado Burger...claiming it was life changing. It was soooo good. Adam and I already have plans to try our best to remake it. It was a 1/4 hamburger with refried beans, cheese, tortilla chips, onions, and salsa. Thanks Big Mama for the suggestion!

After lunch we went to the zoo. No offense, but the San Antonio zoo isn't fantastic. I wish we would have spent the time at the Riverwalk instead.
Adam and I have been to the Ft Worth zoo and the San Antonio zoo and they both stink. We've decided no more TX zoos!

Our boys with Jordan and Jax
This elephant statue was the best part of the whole zoo. We had the most fun taking pictures of all of us on it. I really wanted to dig it up and bring it with me. I have the perfect spot in my house for it!
For dinner we went to the Riverwalk. But it was super crowded so we didn't really enjoy it. Adam and I met a nice older couple at our restaurant that were really sweet. I also thought this building was cool.