Sunday, June 27, 2010

Book of Mormon - Optimus Prime style

I found this website the other day and saw this CUTE tutorial on how to cover a paperback Book of Mormon. I decided to do one for Xavier since he has been a tad jealous of Damon's fancy scripture set.

We couldn't do the cute flower one that is featured in the tutorial so we did a "boy" version with Optimus Prime instead. Luckily, I had everything we needed for the project so it didn't cost us a thing. For the cover, I used Google Images and had Xavier pick out what picture of Optimus Prime he wanted. I had downloaded a font that was similar to the Transformers font for the title.

Xavier also asked me to make him a bookmark too, everyone else in the family has scriptures with the ribbon marker and he really wanted one as well. Before I glued the cover to the front, I glued a ribbon down the middle of the spine to be used as a marker. I think that is actually his favorite part.
Its a simple little project but really fun to do. If you want one, you can probably talk me into making one for you too...I'll even let you request your cartoon character.


Marci said...

you kill me...
can I see a list (in an excel flie) of all the options we have for our covers?

Linda@CraftaholicsAnonymous said...

Awesome!! love that you used my tutorial and made it totally rockin for your little man! way to go! I'm sure he loves it :) So cool! Thanks for letting me know so I could see your version :)
happy crafting,

ashley said...

I saw linda's version and followed your link here. Love the bookmark idea, I always wanted one as a kid too :)

JOY said...

Thanks! I've got 4 boyz!!