Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve - CANCELLED - sort of

Normally we spend Christmas Eve with my parents but due to the insane and horrible weather we decided it would be smart to stay home this year. Since I didn't plan for dinner that night, we met up with Adam's parents and went to La Fiesta. Since Damon's birthday was last year he wanted the opportunity to wear the sombrero and be sung too. He loved it, even when the smirred the whipped cream all over his face. We will be back in June for Xavier's birthday, he has already asked five times. After we went back to the Littles and opened the traditional one present. Damon and Xavier each got a Transformers book and Aiden got Thomas the Train underware. I got a cool flower picture for my kitchen and Adam got some hand lotion he has been wanting since he ran out of his last tube, he's my delicate flower.

After we went back home and opened our Christmas presents and set out cookies and hot chocolate for Santa.
Damon got a Steelers jersey, remote control helicopter, sleeping bag and a lego set. He also got a gift card from Grandpa Dolezal.
Xavier got a Steelers jersey, remote control helicopter. sleeping bag and Spike Jr dinosaur. He too got a gift card from Grandpa Dolezal.
Aiden got a Steelers jersey, sleeping bag, a ice cream truck ride on toy and an Elmo lego set. He also got a gift card from Grandpa Dolezal.Adam got a Steelers shirt, dress socks, the new James Bond movie and a new briefcase for church.I got a Steelers shirt, a sweater and a fancy new dress coat.

So far it has been a great Christmas...and its just beginning...